The Lost City App Reviews

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Lovin it BUT

Stuck on area 33!! A bug prevents to pick up the key... Any solution?

5 estrelas pela folhinha da maconha! Smoke weed every day!

Awesome game

Please do more, I couldnt stop playing

The lost city

Maaakkkeee moooorrreee

Great game

This was our very first mystery type game and by far my favorite. My son loves to replay it. Never any problem with freezing or anything else. Great game and well worth the money. Please Please Please make more I really like this one by far my favourite.

Doesnt work

Beautiful graphics and music but the game doesnt work. Cant even open the first door. Good thing I only wasted a dollar on a game Ill just have to delete. I give the thing one star because one has to rate it to submit the post and theres no "0" rating.


So sad when it ended - cant wait for their next game!

Great game. Make more please.

Really enjoyed this game.


This was a great game! Well designed and super smart. Much better than other escape games out there. Please make another one ASAP!

Not worth the time

Paid .99 for this.... I wouldnt have even gotten out of bed for this game. Waste!!! Waste!!!!


Without any instructions at all I cannot play!

Too much awesomeness

I know everyones saying this, but seriously,make more! Played Grisly Manor and this and I just cant seem to get enough.Keep em coming!Please!


Thoroughly enjoyed playing great game,I want another one


Hated to put it down. Challenging. Those who "couldnt get it to work" or "couldnt figure it out" cant be bright enough to do it. I want another one!!!


Such a great game, lots of fun not too hard not too easy and I wish they would make more :(

Lost City!!

Great game! Great way to kill a couple hrs in the car and your battery! Get the Grizz first though! Id get lost in this city any day!

Lost city

One of the games that got me started playing these adventure/mystery games. Love it and looking for more.

Easy but fun

I found it way too easy, but it was an enjoyable way to spend 2 hours.


Absolutely terrific! As a casual gamer without years of experience, I found this app spellbinding. I hardly realized that it filled almost 2 days of my time. The multitude of mini games were greatly thought out and they were the perfect balance between being neither too simple nor too frustrating. My greatest disappointment is that I could not find another game by this Supplier. Bravo!

Pleasssse more

Im still waiting for more games please I really enjoy youre games please thank you for the fun ,:)

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